Millions struggle and tens of thousands
die every year... yet, America shrugs.

Time for hope.

Millions struggle and tens of thousands
die every year... yet, America shrugs.

Time for hope.

Anyone can get broken

Silouan Green was one tough Marine, he looked down on mere humans with “down days.” But, a devastating jet crash changed all that, and it took several years to put back together a shattered life after being disability discharged.
Silouan Green
Kevin Berthia

Not just a white thing

That black people are accustomed to struggling and therefore wouldn’t attempt suicide is a myth. In Oakland, California, reputation was everything and Kevin Berthia never talked to anyone about his depression… prior to jumping over the rail of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Anyone can come back

In her early 30s and a Boston trial attorney, Terry Wise was smart, successful and keen to take on any fight for her clients. But, her husband’s death from Lou Gehrig’s Disease (ALS) also nearly took her life. She was shocked to wake up in ICU and began climbing back through the darkness.
Photo by Terry Wise
Photo about Dr. Thomas Joiner's research

Love and work

Meaning through contribution and connection. Victor Frankl found that even in Nazi concentration camps those with purpose were more likely to survive. Dr. Thomas Joiner has found that with bees, ants and other eusocial species, it’s simply required to live.

Fighting while wounded

Tonja Miles was recognized by George W. Bush during a State of the Union for her groundbreaking faith-based recovery program. She had lived with addiction, suicide attempts and sexual abuse. But… almost no one knew she was still far from healed. A diagnosis of PTSD would make the difference.

Tonja Myles
Misha Kessler

On your own in university

Misha Kessler thought he found his solution, an escape from pain, when he crawled out a windowsill of his dorm room, six stories above the ground, and willed himself to jump. His subsequent efforts to seek help in the university resulted in a forced withdrawal and more isolation than before.

Caring matters

Dr. Ursula Whiteside is a clinical psychologist and researcher whose personal empathy and caring messages have made the difference with hundreds in pain. The constant uphill struggle to help and bias took its toll and she has often struggled with suicidal thoughts herself.
Dr. Ursula Whiteside
Photo by Craig Miller

This is how it feels

Craig Miller recollects driving in the car and hearing his rock band’s song on the radio for the first time. But, he also writes about the sexual assaults and intense emotional challenges of growing up. When suicidal he was often asked why he wanted to die. He learned the better question was why to live.
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